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Разработка внеклассного мероприятия по предмету: “Merry Christmas”
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Ход мероприятия: 1) вступление (поем песню “Jingle Bells”)

                                2) история Рождества и викторина по услышанному материалу

                                3) демонстрация сценок по теме

                                4) конкурсы

                                5) конкурс на самый красивый стол и самое вкусное блюдо

                                6) подведение итогов вечера

                                7) завершающая песня


   1) Ведущие учащийся и учитель:

V.:-Hello, dear friends! Today we have gathered together to celebrate Merry Christmas!

T. : - I am also glad to see you all today! This is a very nice holiday! Vova, tell us, please, when you hear “Merry Christmas”, what you think about.

 V.: - Mmm… well… help me!(to the audience)

Audience: - Christmas tree, presents, socks on a fireplace, Christmas songs, deer, Santa Clause, his elves, sweets, parties.

T.: - I’ve heard Christmas songs. And what song is the most popular in your opinion?

Audience: - “Jingle Bells”

V.: Let’s remember it together! (включается фонограмма) все вместе поют.


Dashing through the snow,

In a one – horse open sleigh.

Down the hill we go,

Laughing all the way.


Bells on Bob – tail ring,

Making spirits bright,

What fun it is to ride and sing

A sleighing song tonight!




Jingle bells, jingle bells!

                               Jingle all the way!                       twice

                                                          Oh, what fun it is to ride

                                                       In a one – horse open sleigh!


T.: - Well done, guys! Before the beginni8ng of our celebration you have divided into three groups. Your task was to make arrangement on your Christmas tables, where your team is sitting. Besides you were to cook some traditional dishes. And our guests will judge what group is prepared better.

V.: - Let me introduce our judges – Valentina Fedorovna, Elena Vitalyevna, and Anna Vladimirovna. Let’s listen to them.

A.V.: - Hello, students! Merry Christmas! Hope you will enjoy this evening and we all will be entertained. I’d like to warn you that we will evaluate not only your preparations, knowledge about the holiday, but also your English. Try to avoid mistakes and help one another! Amuse yourselves!

   2) V.: - Thank you, Anna Vladimirovna! And now Christina wants to tell us the history of Christmas. Be attentive because after it you will have to answer some questions.

Christina: I’d like to tell you about Christmas. This is one of the most important religious holidays, in English speaking countries it is celebrated on 25th of December, on Christmas Eve people lay presents under the Christmas tree, they also hang socks with the names of the family members on the fireplaces and put some small gifts in them . A week before the holiday people clean their houses, especially the windows. It is celebrated luxurious, in a catholic church it is celebrated three times a day: at midnight on Christmas Eve, in the dawn  and at noon. People go outside and sing Christmas songs. For the holiday people cook plum oatmeal porridge, plum pudding, a goose or a turkey.  They also bake a flat round oatcake, which symbolizes the Sun, and it is given to the guests with cheese. And now I’d like to ask you some questions.

1. What do usually people do before the holiday? – (they clean their houses a week before the holiday)

2. Where do people put Christmas presents? – (under the Christmas tree and in the socks)

3. How many times a day is it celebrated? – (3 times a day, midnight, dawn, noon)

4. How is it celebrated? – (luxurious)

5. What do people cook for it? – (plum oatmeal porridge, plum pudding, a goose, a turkey)

6. What dish symbolizes the Sun? – (a flat round oatcake)

7. What ingredient is added to the oatcake? – (cheese)

Во время викторины жюри оценивает работу групп, записывают и объявляют баллы.

   3) T.: - Now we will see your sketches concerning the topic of our celebration. (заранее за 2 недели ученикам было дано задание подготовить и показать сценку по теме, желательно, чтобы героями были сказочные персонажи. Длительность 3-5 минут)

   Audience shows their sketches, guests evaluate them.

   4) пока жюри оценивает приготовленные блюда и украшение столов, для развлечения проводятся конкурсы.

V.: I see you are a little bit bored, it won’t do! Let’s have a fun! Santa Clause’s deer hurried for our celebration and lost their bells on the way! Let’s present them with the new bells, but you should do it with your eyes closed. One of you will try to hang the bell on the deer’s neck, and two people from each team will tell him/her in English where to hang it, but you should use only the words of direction “up, left” and so on.

(заранее на плакатах нарисовано 3 оленя)

T: Mind your language! If you say in Russian, we won’t give your team any score. That team, which will be the first, will win the competition.

     5) подведение итогов-жюри оценивают блюда и украшения, подсчитывают все баллы, набранные командами за все конкурсы. Так же говорят об ошибках в речи.

    6) V.: - Thank you, my friends for this wonderful evening! We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have. Merry Christmas!!!

(включается фонограмма с песней Джорджа Майкла “Last Christmas”, текст которой выучили заранее и все поют!)


R. (2):

Last Christmas I gave you my heart                           2. A crowded room, friends with tired eyes.

But the very next day you gave it away                          I’m hiding from you and your soul of ice.

This year to save me from tears                                     My God, I thought you were someone to rely on

I’ll give it to someone special.                                        Me? I guess I was a shoulder to cry on


1. Once bitten and twice shy. I keep my distance            A face on a lover with a fire in his heart,

            but you still catch my eye.                                   A man undercover, but you tore me apart

Tell me, baby, do you recognize me?                               Now I’ve found a real love you’ll never

Well, it’s been a year, it doesn’t surprise me.                  Fool me again.


I wrapped it up and sent                                               R:

With a note saying “I love you”, I meant it.                      …I’ll give it to someone special

Now I know what a fool I’ve been.                                   …Who’ll give me something in return

But if you kissed me, now I know                                     …Hold my heart and watch it burn

You’d fool me again.                                                         …I’ve got you here to stay

R:                                                                                       …I can love you for a day

                                                                                           …Gave you my heart.

























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